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    • 1.They can't stay still. Cats are renowned for being expert chillers. When they're not napping, they'll most likely be enjoying a spot of downtime stretched out on the window sill or the sofa. So, if they're suddenly struggling to settle pacing back and forth, up and down the house for instance, or over-grooming this could be a sign something is making them feel on edge.
    • 2.Avoiding their litter box. Cats can stop using their litter box for a number of reasons. It may be that there arent enough of them around the house, or they don't like the type of litter, or it isn't clean enough. Once you've ruled out all box-related issues, it's time to consider stress-related reasons. A cat could be urinating in random spots around the house because they no longer feel safe and secure in certain areas; likewise, increased frequency of urination is another indicator of stress or anxiety.
    • 3. Loss of appetite. If you don't think illness or a change of diet is behind your cat's sudden aversion to food, then look for any potential stressors that may be affecting appetite. Have you welcomed a new pet into your home? Have you moved home? Even something as seemingly innocuous as relocating their food bowl can have a negative effect on their eating habits.
    • 4.Aggressive behavior. This can be an easy spot for pet parents who are used to a calm and considerate cat for company. Unexpected displays of aggression – hissing, growling, scratching, stalking – aren't necessarily a sign your feline is in a bad mood; it's just as likely they're acting out of fear or uncertainty. Don't fight fire with fire. Punishing a cat for losing their temper is only going to make matters worse. Instead, try to get to the bottom of their change in behavior.
    • 5.Excessive meowing. A cat crying or meowing uncontrollably (especially in the middle of night) could be them trying to tell you all is not well. Excessive vocalization is often linked to pain or illness, but can also be the result of stress and anxiety. The sooner you locate the issue that's plaguing them, the sooner peace and quiet will return to your house.
    • 6.Hiding. When things get a little too much for us, it's only natural to want to shut out the world. The same goes for our felines. If your cat has suddenly become a champion hide and seek player, it's probably because they're feeling overwhelmed, or something in the house is literally scaring them.

    Once you think youve figured out the root cause(s) of their anxiety, eliminating it or helping your cat slowly adapt will more often than not result in seeing them return to normal. 

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